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Alliance Demolisher is a high-reach excavator is defined as one that has a particularly long boom, allowing controlled deconstruction of multi-story or high structures to a safe height where conventional excavators can continue. Boom lengths can vary in size from 19 to over 50 meters and come with a variety of specialist attachments to allow the operator precision and accuracy during the demolition process.


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Alliance Building Demolishers is a Demolishing contractors in Bangalore we are catering excellent services for all types of demolition works like ecological demolition, building demolition, industrial demolishing, building dismantling, Residential building demolition and Commercial building demolition in Bangalore. We are dedicated in internal and external demolition, business, industrial and housing structures, Construction & industrial units, high rises, workplace dividing walls, smoke stacks and boiler dismantling, irrigate tanks/towers, rafts and reservoir, road and rail network, tunnels and bridges, excepting this, we offered services for mass concrete taking away, stone removal, mechanical demolition, turnkey demolition, ground works and dismantling services in Bangalore, We also provide services for urgent situation demolition like building failure works, earthquake injured society, industrial explosions and fire damaged structures.

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